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Leadership and employee training is one of the most important steps in building a more sustainable and resilient organization. It is also critical to understand which sustainability issues are most material to your stakeholders.

Image by Jason Goodman

From business leaders to employees, it's important that everyone understands the basics of how climate change can affect an organization and the benefits of embedding sustainability to improve competitiveness.

We have experience delivering accessible and engaging training programs and webinars to a variety of audiences including business leaders, employees, scientists, engineers, risk managers, health and safety professionals, and lawyers.

The following are the training services we offer:

  • Climate Change Basics

  • Journey to Net Zero (including measuring your carbon footprint)

  • Introduction to the TCFD Recommendations

  • Climate Risk and Resiliency for Businesses

  • Project Management 

  • Customized Courses​


We also conduct engagement sessions through workshops, interviews or email surveys to help you understand which sustainability issues are most material to your internal and external stakeholders.

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