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Solar Panels in Mountains


Let us help you create business value and be more competitive by becoming more sustainable. Here's how embedding sustainability can help your organization: 

•Lowers operational expenses by reducing energy, water, and waste 

•Improves your reputation by helping to retain and attract employees and customers

•Drives innovation

  • Improves access to capital

•Prepares your organization for existing and upcoming regulations

Sustainability: Services
Image by Scott Graham


In 2015, Canada signed the Paris Accord and committed to net zero emissions by 2050.  In June 2021, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act enshrined into law net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We have less than a decade to reduce our emissions by approximately 50% to avert the worst impacts from climate change. Many of the world's largest companies have made net zero commitments and are expecting their suppliers to measure and reduce their emissions.

It's good business to start planning now for net zero and incentive funding is available.  It starts with setting science-based targets for 2030 and also for 2050 and planning a path to achieve the emission reductions.

We can assist you with::

  • Setting science-based targets

  • Developing and implementing net zero plans

  • Feasibility studies and business cases to prioritize GHG reduction opportunities

  • Sourcing incentive funding for your GHG reduction projections.

  • Selecting carbon offsets 

Sustainability: Services
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