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There were many short lived pop-up thunderstorms on this day. This one produced a microburst which I


Our climate is changing and extreme weather is becoming more frequent.  We must transition away from fossil fuels. It's critical to consider how climate risks and opportunities will affect your organization. It's also mandatory in Canada for Crown Corporations and soon federally regulated organizations, such as banks, to disclose their climate risks. Organizations seeking loans may also be asked about their climate risk and greenhouse gas emissions by their lenders. 


Climate Risk and Resiliency: Services
Image by Chris Gallagher


Let us help you prepare for the changing climate by identifying climate risks and opportunities and developing resilient solutions to keep your organization running optimally.

Our services include:

  • Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment

  • Resiliency Strategies to Improve Business Continuity (corporate, supply chain, outdoor workers)

  • TCFD Disclosure Support and Planning

    • Benchmarking

    • Gap analysis

    • Roadmaps to implement TCFD

    • Governance frameworks

    • Identifying transition and physical climate-related risks

    • Strategic planning

    • Scenario Analysis

    • Risk management and integration of climate-related risks

    • Developing metrics and targets

    • Reporting

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