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Achieve Peak Performance Coaching

Are you a sustainability or environmental professional striving to make a bigger impact?

Do you feel the weight of your responsibilities but find it challenging to optimize your efforts effectively?

Achieve Peak Performance Coaching with Carol Aziz aims to support your growth in both your professional and personal life.


Elevate Your Impact: Uncover the true potential within you and align your actions with your core values and purpose.  

 Strategic Clarity: Gain a crystal-clear vision for your professional journey. Identify and prioritize objectives that truly matter.

Time Mastery: Break free from overwhelm. Learn proven techniques to manage your time efficiently and enhance productivity without burnout.

Professional Impact: Streamline your processes, enhance decision-making skills, and achieve more with less effort.

Take a look below at the packages offered. 

Book a free discovery call to discuss your unique goals and expectations here  

Semi-Private Coaching

Semi-private coaching is for two individuals who share the same general goals.  Sessions are 60 minutes via Teams and packages start at $299 per person for three sessions. Each package includes accountability emails if desired.

1:1 Coaching

Private coaching sessions are for individuals.  Sessions are 60 minutes via Teams and packages start at $449 per person for three sessions. Each package includes accountability emails if desired.

About Carol

Carol Aziz is President of Achieve Sustainability.  She has 25 years of environmental and sustainability consulting experience.  Having achieved Principal Consultant status at her last consultancy while raising two kids (one with special health needs) and juggling significant eldercare responsibilities, her superpower is getting stuff done! In addition, five years ago in a quest to make more impact, Carol also started a small foundation to support community climate literacy. She aspires to help other women make a bigger impact by getting clear on their goals and values and managing their time and energy effectively.

Carol leads the W4W Leadership Collective for women, and  has completed MindFrame Connect's Principles of Mentorship course and coaching training as part of the Homeward Bound global leadership development program for women. 

Start your peak performance journey today and make 2024 your best year yet! Book a complimentary call with Carol to discuss your unique goals. Spaces limited!

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What People Say


Hillary M., Senior Consultant

Carol has played a large part in my career development over the last two years. Through her coaching, she has empowered me to set my own agenda before someone else does and has given me the confidence to negotiate raises and a promotion. She has incredible insight when it comes to leadership and I always leave our conversations feeling encouraged working as a woman in the environmental field.  
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